Without Limits

This tournament is a Without Limits sponsored event.  This means that you know we are dedicated to bringing you the best tournament experience possible.  We are proud to be part of a network of college ultimate leaders working to bring cohesive structure and awesome events to the spring season!

Here’s a little bit about Without Limits- the vision and passion of Michelle Ng (Texas Showdown) and Sara Jacobi (Boston Brute Squad):

What’s our goal?
We intend to foster relationships within the women’s ultimate community at the youth, college, and club levels, as well as promote and further the sport of women’s ultimate.

How will we do this?
Through tournaments, skills clinics, resource manuals and by creating opportunities for interaction between women’s ultimate players of all ages and skill levels.

Here’s the thing.  When we run tournaments and skills clinics, put together resource manuals, and engage in other projects, we’re doing it for our friends.  Our motivation is that we want to create an event, a product, and a MOVEMENT that we can be proud of– and that our friends would be proud to support.  We think that our desire to contribute to the growth and development of our sport, our attention to detail, and our inability to give less than our best are all tied to that motivation and to the people who have inspired us.  We’ve been blessed with some of the best teammates and friends around, and we know that has impacted our frisbee experiences.  Our goal is to give back– to create more opportunities, build more relationships, and push our sport forward.  Join us!