About Us

Natalie “Imli” Halstead is the Tournament Director of Pres Day and the Pres Day Qualifier. She was named 1st team Southwest Freshman of the Year last spring. When she’s not running tournaments, she’s probably finding another way to procrastinate from her schoolwork.

Brittany “Agave” Cabriales was a breakout rookie handler for the Psychos last season and is a co-captain this year. She played her first club season with Safari over the summer and is expected to be the Psychos’ main handler this season.

Sarah “Joule” McNees is a co-captain of the Psychos and is the most experienced and athletic player on the team. She entered the club circuit in 2009 by founding the LAW and she played an important role on Safari in 2010.

Michelle Ng is a co-captain of Texas Showdown and co-founder of Without Limits.  She has been an advocate of women’s ultimate, specifically the college women’s division for the past five years and she has founded and directed a number of tournaments across the country.  She loves ultimate, Diet Coke, Gmail, graph paper, and her iPhone; she hates birds and other animals; and she rarely sleeps.  Above all, she loves being able to give back to the ultimate community and she was awarded the 2010 Kathy Pufahl Award for her efforts.